WIZ-VR Series

  • Optimization of machine size

  • Stiffness validation through the structural analysis of platen

  • Optimization of working table height

    : 250T 840mm

  • Fast speed of rotating platen(Test time with no load)

    - Min. time in 180° rotation : 250T 1.9sec

    Optimization of rotating platen size

    - 250T 1800mm

  • Control panel high adjustment

WIZ-VR Series is Vertical Injection molding machine. WIZ-VR Series can save energy with A hybrid system and improve productivity with A big/fast rotating platen. LS Mtron provides the best solution for the customer who is looking for vertical machine.


LS Mtron secure your quality with all automotive industry. with our turnkey solutions, we are your competent partner in all areas of the automotive industry ? from the development stage to reliable and precise high-volume production.

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Home appliances

LS Mtron’s injection&molding machine is specialized for heat resistant polymer resin which is used on 24hours working device - mobile phone, electric watches, computer etd.,- Thus, you can achieve mass production quality.

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