WIZ-T Series

  • Optimal design through FEA

    Deformability of platen and mold can be minimized by developing
    high stiffness and ultralight platen through Finite-Element Analysis

  • KEBA Controller

    User Sequence changed : easy maintenance & flexible for user demand
    Quick response and user interface reinforcement과 user interface

  • LS Mtron Mixing Screw (Option)

    Analyzes resin"s melting, flow, additives" dispersion and roll mixing milling through PSI simulation in plasticization cylinder, we made high roll mixing milling/high plasticization LS Mixing screw, using screw design technology which LS Mtron only has

  • Quick response and user interface reinforcement

Model WIZ-T is compact hybrid series of 2017 which is designed and produced by LS Mtron, it adopts high performance servo motor and KEBA controller, so it can reduce energy consumption and increase power-saving effect by providing optimized control to oil flow and pressure.


Packaging industry request more fast and precise machine for high productivity. With our high efficient injection speed and powerful clamping force, our machine enable to produce thin product and reduce the cooling time.

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